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Monday, November 21, 2005

I'm not quite grown up...But Someday I will be.

Until that point, I will be here in school. I attend a midwestern liberal arts college. I'm going to be a teacher one of these days, and therefore I currently spend countless hours observing and working with children. I also spend countless hours observing and working with my professors, who are are anywhere from wonderful to not-quite-competent.

I had (still have) another blog, but I feel that I have lost some of my anonymity on there. I don't want to say anything that will get me in trouble. But I do want to point out cute things that the kids do, crazy things their teachers say, or the frustrations I have with some aspects of my school's education department.

So, I created this space. Unfortunately, with the semester winding down, there will likely be a lull before I have even really begun writing here. But I hope to continue writing, both to help myself reflect, (though it's not like I don't already do enough reflection in my education classes) and to give others a view into the life of a future teacher.


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