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Saturday, December 08, 2007

My theoretical future.

So, I may never get a job (see previous post), but I have written out a life plan.

I hate making New Year resolutions or personal goals.

However, I absolutely love making life plans.

The final thing on my list, currently, specifies that around 2019, if I have taught at least 5 years over all, and 4 years in the US, I can start thinking about applying to PhD programs (as long as I have already gotten a masters. I think that's listed as being begun by 2013).

But seriously, none of these things are going to happen if I don't get a job first. Basically, the thing that's holding me back from applying is that I need letters of reference, and it's around final exam time, and I feel bad asking my professors for recommendations now. Can I ask them now, though? Because I can't get a job without a letter of reference (three, actually), and I need a job.

(Also, I'm working on a research paper and presentation about specific methods I used during student teaching, and I'm seriously having a blast writing this. It's hard. I've done a lot of research, read/skimmed quite a few books, read many articles, reviewed things I have read in the past. So far, my paper is more than twice the length of anything else I've written, and it's just kind of neat to create something that's relatively long. I'm not done writing yet - I have more to add, and things to cut out - but it is fun to get the chance to do the field research, the literature review, and write it all up in one big pile of papers (or actually, one big pile of megabytes).)


Blogger Unbalanced Reaction said...

If you haven't asked your profs yet, then absolutely go ahead! OF course, they might not be able to get to your letter immediately, at least it will be on their radar. Good luck!!

6:11 PM  

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