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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Internet baby-sitter

Because I am such a wild and crazy kid, I decided it would be economically beneficial to baby-sit on New Year's Eve. Unfortunately, I am in Hometown, and all the people who I used to baby-sit for have either grown too old to need a baby-sitter, or have found a new baby-sitter since I left Hometown to go to college.

As I was perusing Craig's List, passively looking for a teaching-type job, I happened to came across several requests for baby-sitters for New Year's Eve. I responded to one request, from a neighboring town, and the the poster called me a few days later.

So now, I am going to baby-sit for someone I found on Craig's List. Is that sketchy? I'm not sure.

I am kind of over-charging them. However, I figure, they're posting in a public forum, less than a week before the date, begging for a baby-sitter. I am responsible, have experience working with children the age of these children, and am currently unemployed. If they need a sitter that badly, I'm charging New Year's Eve rates. (And really, although they baulked a bit on the phone when I stated my price, it really isn't too extreme - considering the fact that I am a college graduate and it is a high-demand-for-babysitters night.)

We'll see how this goes.

On the job-seeking front, I am hoping to actually send in the job applications I have half-filled out. My main obstacle, as of now, is that my letters of reference (which I have at least a few of, after finally asking people to write them for me) and my college transcript are being held hostage by the Office of the Registrar and the Office of Career Development at my college. (And by "held hostage" I mean that the offices are closed, and will hopefully be open next week so that I can access these materials... This was quite poor planning on my part.)


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