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Friday, September 05, 2008


Today during my class's special (and one of the three planning blocks I have the whole week), instead of doing anything productive I just sat there. Collapsed in the chair. Too tired to get up and grade or organize or analyze test scores or do anything, except sit and stare at the clock, waiting for the big hand to touch the magic number that meant it was time to go retrieve the children from their special (PE/Art/Music/Library).

Then, after school I had another discussion with the administrators. There may be a change in my class list some time next week. If it happens, it will be horribly bittersweet. I don't know how I feel about it. I'll think about it more if the change actually occurs.

The two above paragraphs may be more strongly related that I originally thought. Issue B is likely partially the cause of issue A. Or if not the cause (in statistical terms), the two are at least strongly correlated with one another (r=.70)

(Oh boy. When I start trying to be funny by joking around with statistics, I know I'm tired.)


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