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Monday, September 22, 2008

Technology is Neat.

I got something that I lovingly refer to as a "mini magic board." It is similar to an interactive whiteboard, but cheaper, not as high-tech, and is in fact not actually an interactive whiteboard at all. (It is interactive though.) I used it a few times today and it was so much fun. It would be even neater if I had an actual interactive whiteboard, but what I have is great, because I have it (and the district can't afford the whole interactive whiteboard). I'm not sure if it is a time saver or a time waster, yet. Once I learn how to use it and take advantage of it, I'm sure it will be even better. Today when I used it was already worlds better than last week when I first tried it, so my use of it will improve with time. Regardless, it is really exciting and I can continue being the grade tech-geek. (Yay.)

Also, today I kept loosing everything. My classroom is a mess of piles of paper and I could not remember where I had put the pile of papers I needed at one specific moment. I dawdled on stretching out the opening discussion for an activity much longer than I wanted to, while I wandered around the classroom digging through piles, looking for the papers I needed. At one point, I finally asked the students. "Where did I put the pile of papers I had put on this table a few hours ago?" One child suggested I look over on the round table. I looked over on the round table and there was my pile.

I need to remember to rely on the children more often. They're observant little ones.


Anonymous eiela said...

What is a "mini magic board"? I've been lusting after an interactive whiteboard myself, but my district is also cheap. sigh. I can put my computer screen up on the TV with an averkey, so that's something, I guess.

11:24 PM  
Anonymous Not Quite Grown Up said...

Eiela - I don't like to get too specific because I'm paranoid, but it's kind of like those tablet PCs that you can write on the screen with a special stylus. It connects to my computer and to a projector, so it projects onto a screen, or a clean whiteboard, (or wherever I want it to project). It uses the same software as an interactive whiteboard. If you give me an email address, I can give you more specific details, if you'd like.

7:11 AM  
OpenID onteaching said...

My desk is still a mess of papers, even though I'm having my students turn in all their assignments online this year. Don't ask me where the papers come from... I think they follow me.

I designed a system that I never used as much as I should have... I had hanging files labeled with the different subjects (math, soc. studies, reding, etc.) When I made copies, I placed them in the subject hanging file, so I'd be able to find it when needed.

But it's true, the kids always know where you put things. It's eerie...

6:24 PM  

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