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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Objectivity in Observations

Still looking over my observations, I noticed that I used the phrase "super-cute" to describe something that happened in the classroom. That probably means I've lost some of my objectivity, doesn't it.

But really, this girl was "super-cute." Sometimes I read the story to the class on days when I observe. (This class is very small, and somewhere between being a resource room and being a self-contained special education classroom.) On this day, one of the paraeducators was going to read the story. But, when the students came in from recess a 1st grade girl came up to me, gave me a hug, and asked if I was going to read the story. The paraeducator said that we could take a vote on it. The girl said "I vote [notquitegrownup]." And since there was no one else there to vote, and as I said in my observation journal, this girl was "super-cute for voting," I read the story.

I'll just be even more objective in the rest of my journal to make up for the "super-cute" comment. Will that even it out in the end?


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