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Monday, December 12, 2005

Where is she?

Last week, I was supposed to finish my observations for my Physical Education Methods class, but there was a late start at the school due to snow and I couldn't go in. Ever since then, I have been trying to contact the professor who teaches that class, asking her what I should do, since my observation journal was due at the end of last week. I have sent her three e-mails since the initial one I sent at about 6:45AM that Thursday morning. I have not been able to contact her. I don't expect her to respond to email over the weekend, but she has had nearly three weekdays to respond to one of my emails. I can't figure out how to get a response from her. I know she checks her e-mail on a regular basis, because she has turned to look at her computer when it "beeps" with a new e-mail message during meetings I have had with her. I don't want to get screwed over because I didn't finish observing the last couple hours of PE, but I also don't want to sound like a tattle, going to one of my education professors and mentioning how I can't seem to get in contact with this lady.

Edited 8:57
She emailed me back this afternoon. In the email, she said that she had received my previous emails. I'm not sure why she didn't respond to any of them since a) I was clearly worried, as evidenced by the multiple emails, and b) she did have a something else she wanted me to do to make up for the missed hours.


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