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Monday, July 09, 2007

My life in the fall.

Last weekend I went to College Town to meet and talk to my C00perating Teacher (from now on, CT, so I can use abbreviations like all the cool kids) and finally see the school and town in which I will be teaching.

The Student Teaching Town is nearly an hour away from College Town (where I will be living when I student teach). This weekend though, at least, it was a very relaxing and beautiful drive. The school is in a rural town of about 25,000 people, surrounded on all sides by farmland. The classroom in which I will be teaching is currently all packed up for summer (and painting! and new carpet!) but seems like a good size. Although really, I cannot conceptualize of the actual layout/size of the room with the desks/tables situated as they were.

I think that I will work well with my CT (both because I truly do think and hope I will learn a lot from her, and because I know that in order to have a good experience, I need to think that I will learn a lot from and work well with her).

I learned some interesting things about the setup of the school and the curriculum. I still am somewhat apprehensive of it all, but I am very much looking forward to the experience. The fact that I get to begin with the kids at the beginning of the year (and not start in the middle) will make it all feel like I'm really teaching and less like I am a temporary visitor. That will be nice and help to build my confidence and investment in the classroom.

I still don't know who my college supervisor will be (which I will hopefully find out soon), or what I will study in my action research project, but everything will come together in time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck. I think that student teaching at the beginning of a year is a great benefit. I hope you will enjoy your experience.


11:44 AM  

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