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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Family Subject Night

Last week we had a Family [Subject] Night. (Insert a specific subject name, removed to maintain vagueness). The goal of the evening was to have families come and participate in Subject activities with their children. We also shared some "tips" with the parents on ways they can help their children practice Subject at home.

I had about 29% of my students show up. I was hoping for closer to 40-45%, but 29% was okay. I'm not sure how many people from the other classes came, so I don't know what our grade-level percentage was.

Regardless, I had so much fun. It's great to see the students in a more relaxed environment and to watch them interact with their families - their parents and siblings. I was able to talk to some of the parents and tell them how wonderful their children were, which I don't have the time or the mental capacity to do (in Spanish) before or after school when I'm trying to do zillions of other things simultaneously. (My level of Spanish speaking/comprehension doesn't allow for multitasking.)

I didn't prepare for this evening as well as I had hoped to. (I showed up at school that day having completely forgotten that the event was that evening...) However, I am excited for our next Family Subject Evening. At least, I think we get to have another. If we don't, maybe I'll plan one of my own for just my class. (If I'm allowed to do that.) I think it's such a great opportunity to establish the school as a welcoming place, a place where the children can come to do fun things in addition to the regular school things. And also, it is great to have the chance to interact with the families informally. If I were to do another Family Subject Night on my own, (or with the rest of the grade) I hope to actually call the families to personally invite them. Maybe that would help me get to my goal of 40% attendance. (I say this all so optimistically, like I have the time to plan an evening all on my own. But really, it doesn't take an incredibly large amount of preparation. Maybe some day I'll actually get around to planning an Subject Night of my own.)


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