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Monday, November 28, 2005

How cute! (The professor, not the children)

An alu.mni sch.olor was visiting my school, and giving a brief lunch pres.entation.  There were very few audience members present (an  embarrassingly low number of audience members, actually).  Since there were so few people in attendance, we all introduced ourselves to the alu.mni sch.olor.  One of the fairly new education professors introduced herself and her research interests, and then stopped for a second to introspect out loud:

"I still don't really like being called a professor.  It's really weird to think of myself as a professor.  I can't really believe that I am one."

That nervousness in her was kind of comforting.  Having had her as a professor, I know that she is completely competent and a wonderful professor.  But seeing her kind of...freaked out (for lack of a better phrase) about her recently acquired status in the education world made her seem real and human.  And there are some other professors at my school who I am not entirely sure are human.  So her humanity is very comforting.


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