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Monday, January 23, 2006

Per.formance Asses.ment

I am currently trying to compile evidence that I have met important stand.ards, and am well on my way to successfully completing my Per.formance Asse.sment. 

I talked to my adviser, because I was worried about my upcoming meeting, where I have to meet with her, the department chair, and maybe others, to talk about what I have completed.  I had been preparing pretty much incorrectly, and was worried because I didn't feel I'd be ready for my meeting.  She basically told me that I would be told everything I have done so far needs to be redone, but that it would be a good experience for me. 

So, in a moment I will leave to go be told by the entire educ.ation dep.artment that unless I get my act together, the state will never let me be a teacher.

(I'm making this all much more dramatic that it really needs to be.  This is just my first meeting out of several.  But it's really worrying me.  I like to be prepared, and I am not prepared for this at all.)


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