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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Literacy as it exists in a s0cial context.

...Or something like that.

Next school year I am doing an independent project with one of my pr0fressors involving literacy as something that exists in a s0cial context.  The idea that I am exploring is that s0cial interactions are an integral part of becoming literate both in and out of the classroom.

I don't have a specific question I am trying to answer, or thesis statement that will encompass everything I read, yet.  Tomorrow I am going to a university library to look at books and try to come up with something more specific. 

I was wondering if anyone out there in the edublog world would like to recommend any books you may have read involving literacy.  Any suggestions would be helpful.  (Or, are there any books you have read but absolutely hated?  I could make sure to keep those off my reading list.)

I'm kind of wandering a little lost in this, as this will be my first independent project.  I need to select the books/articles I would like to read, and the ideas I would like to explore.  So, any suggestions/recommendations of books you have found interesting/insightful/helpful would be greatly appreciated.

The two books my pr0fessor recommended (and therefore, the two books I know I will use) are:
Literacy Practices as S0cial Acts - by Cynthia Lewis
Learning and N0t Learning English - Guadalupe Vald├ęs

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

What does ugly sound like?

My allergies are bad and/or I have a cold (I can't tell which).  I thought my voice sounded a little hoarse today, but I didn't realize how hoarse until a little girl said to me:
Counselor, your voice sounds ugly.