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Monday, July 16, 2007

Random bullets of insomnia.

There is nothing like waking up at 2:00 in the morning and worrying about random things to make the week start off right.
  • Last spring break when I volunteered in an ESL class, why did the teacher have me work with a 73-year-old man on writing in English? This was only his 2nd or 3rd class session and he was not literate in his first language. Wouldn't developing some basic conversational skills in English have made a lot more sense? I don't know what random mental association brought me to this thought, at 2:30 in the morning, but it's really bothering me despite the fact that it is something that happened months ago in a city I will likely never return to. This man was so motivated, but why not teach him how to speak/understand spoken language, instead of teaching him how to write the alphabet in English and focusing on perfectly forming the letters? (Or, teaching him how to write/read in Spanish, if literacy was necessary.)
  • Why won't my left shoulder/back stop twitching? It's really irritating.
  • At camp the theme for the week is "Travel the World." Let's say that tomorrow was "China Day" and originally on the calendar we had an activity listed that really was related to Chinese culture, but then changed the activity to "Make Candy Sushi" without changing the day to "Japan Day." So on the calendar under "China Day" it says "Make Candy Sushi" which is culturally incorrect and embarrassing. (Not the real error made, but our error is somewhat analogous.)
  • How long do GRE scores last? Is it 3 years? 5 years?
  • My room is an absolute mess. I really, really need to clean it. And finish getting rid of all the junk I have accumulated over my lifetime. Because sometime I'm going to stop coming back to my parents' house.
  • I'm going to be so tired tomorrow. Why can't I fall back asleep?
  • I need to buy a car. I've been putting it off since December. Seeing as how the place I am living in the fall is quite a distance from where I will be student teaching, I need a way to get myself there. However, I'm thinking that I will hopefully try to leave the country for at least a few months after I am done student teaching. What do I do with my car during that time? My parents have no extra garage/driveway space.


Blogger La Brown Girl said...

I had a similar experience at an ESL class for adults. Thinking back, I should have gone back because my wild ideas could have helped some people.

It always breaks my heart to see and read stuff like that. I hope the program didn't break his motivation.

3:38 AM  

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