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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The downside of being in charge.

I was going to write something about some of the difficulties I am having with one of my counselors at camp. And well, I did write something really long, but I think it is better kept on my computer than floating around elsewhere. I would like to let it be known though that I am planning on having a serious conversation with one of my counselors tomorrow. I hope it results in positive diologue and not intense awkwardness. (Really, it could go either way.) Things were just-about-okay before, but some of the behaviors of one of my counselors has gotten out of hand.

The kids though are amazing. Yes, they have reached end-of-summer levels of craziness (super-high) which necessitate daily discussions about camp rules (basically including: listen to counselors, list to each other, keep our bodies ourselves). Despite this all this (or perhaps because of the chaos of it all), I come home from camp every day excited for the next.


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