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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The anticipation!

I keep meaning to write, and then forgetting or getting distracted. I have a whole handful of half-written posts about things that happened this summer. Maybe some day I'll finish and post them.

Now though, I'm finally, finally, student teaching. It's a really strange experience because it feels in some ways that I have been waiting my entire life for this. (But then that sounds way cheesy, so I don't like to say it out loud. Despite the fact that it is basically true.)

The school I will be teaching at sounds like a really interesting and exciting place to work. I'm glad I will have experience teaching (rather, student teaching) in a duel language school. Despite what seems to be a really great working environment and a really supportive principal, I have already begun to hear hints of gripes and dissatisfaction/frustration from some of the teachers. (Not my cooperating teacher, actually, but other teachers I have spoken with.)

School hasn't started yet, but I am just really excited for this all to begin. I'm sure that later when I am struggling with everything, I will be mad at myself for having chosen this extra challenge, (working at a duel language school where 90% of the children are on free/reduced cost lunch) instead of student teaching in a different town where the students come from backgrounds more similar to my own. However, really, even as I am driving myself crazy trying to figure out how to negotiate the school and the students, I hope I can make myself remember why I chose this placement, and what a unique opportunity it is for me to work at this school as a student teacher.


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