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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Lesson Plans?

So my CT has been asking to see my lesson plans so that we can talk about them before I teach. I was doing this, but then she made it sound like she didn't want them anymore. And then I kind of stopped writing out lesson plans. Which is a bad, bad idea.

Now, I have to make sure to have a real lesson plan.

Oh, and looking more closely at her request - she sent me an email asking to see my lesson plans. She sent the email while I was teaching her class at school. I'm a little confused.

Regardless, I have to make sure to start writing out full lesson plans again. I'm getting lax and it's bad bad bad. (And by lax I mean so busy I don't know how to organize my time so that I can fit it all in, so I kind of mentally write lesson plans, create the materials necessary for the lesson, and plot out the time required in my planbook, but never actually write out the important things like "objectives" and the steps.)

My goal is to write out full lesson plans again...


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