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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Things I've learned so far.

Things I've learned during my week of student teaching (or rather, observing and assisting my CT):

-Teachers drink a lot of diet cola (mostly Diet Coke).
-It really will be easier to lesson plan for a group of real live students, as opposed to the imaginary theoretical students of my methods courses.
-Most teachers are OCD/Neurotic in many ways - that's what makes them so good at what they do. (I met my chart-making competition in the form of an ELL teacher at the school. She likes making computerized charts/calendars nearly as much as I do.)
-Scheduling in complicated. (In order to fulfill the the requirements in an IEP while not pulling the student out of the required reading, math, specials, recess, or lunch times means that the student will be pulled out of the social studies/science/handwriting blocks nearly every day, thus assuring that while the student may gain a little in reading and math she will learn no science or social studies during the entire school year.)
-I love first grade.


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