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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Not to jinx myself, but...

It's past bed-time, but I'm just so excited for school tomorrow, I can't go to sleep. I hope that's a good sign!

The children are fun, the program is intriguing, and the teachers are mostly enthusiastic.

I am excited to start teaching, next week, maybe. I'm supposed to just observe this week, though mostly I'm performing similar things to that of a paraeducator (assisting, taking over if the teacher needs to leave the room for a minute).

My favorite children comments/questions so far include:

"Teacher, you are too beautiful." (And a reprise of "You're still too beautiful," the next day.)

"Are you pregnant?" (No lead up, just a random out-of-the-blue question. Later in the day this child asked my CT the same question.)

An awestruck, "Did you just talk Spanish?!" after I told some girls to keep their hands to themselves, in Spanish because they weren't listening when I talked to them in English, and we were in the hallway which is language neutral territory (you are allowed to speak in Spanish or English in language neutral places).


Blogger Neophyte said...

Kids being hilarious is the only thing that saves me from wanting to kill them. The best are the ones that are just naturally hilarious, and don't have to say legitimately funny stuff in order to make my day. The only time I've ever outright broken down laughing, unable to continue teaching for at least a full minute, was when a fifth-grade kid who was monkeying around in his desk, and should have known better, interrupted everything by crying out:

"Attendez, j'suis coincé!!"

("Wait, I'm stuck!" -- Promise it's thirty times funnier in French.)

Good luck with everything -- while part of me is sad I'll never teach little guys again, most of me is delighted that someone else gets to do it, instead. And it's wonderful when the someone-else is totally jazzed about it.

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