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Thursday, July 24, 2008

I have arrived.

After a long three days in the car, watching the thermostat go higher and higher as I drover further and further south, I have arrived at my new home. I have set up my room, more or less. (There were a few obstacles, the biggest being that the Ikea bed I purchased would not fit into my car, and was immediately returned in favor of this bed purchased off the internet.

Last year when I graduated, I was given a gift certificate to a teacher store which I finally used a few days before the left the Midwest. Tomorrow I am going to bring that eclectic collection of teacher stuff (border, stickers, posters) to my classroom. MY classroom. I will finally get to see the room. School doesn't begin for a few weeks still, but I cannot even imagine how to start planning until I see what materials I actually have available to me in the classroom and what my room looks like. I don't know that I'll be able to do a whole lot until new teacher training which isn't for another week still, but just seeing my room and familiarizing myself with the space will hopefully help.

Hiatus: Over
New life: Begin


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