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Monday, April 24, 2006

Possibly, a good thing.

I shouldn't post this, because I will probably end up jinxing myself, but, I'm really excited.

I talked to one of my education pr0fessors today and asked her if she would supervise me on an independent pr0ject next year.  She said she would be glad to do that, and asked what it was I wanted to study.  I, unfortunately, didn't really know. 

"I find everything we're talking about in class so interesting.  I just want to keep learning about it!"  I really did say that, and I really am that big of a dork.  (I've come to accept the fact.  When she asked the class if we want to reduce our required readings, I didn't respond until asked.  And then had to truthfully state that, "I'm a dork, but I love it all..." not wanting not actually say that I didn't want the work reduced, but really, really thinking that.) 

As we have been talking about several different things in class, she asked which part specifically I found so interesting, and I confirmed that I loved topicA, topicB, and topicC.  This didn't help the situation any.  This pr0fessor has been working to create a class in topicA, (a much needed class in the US today) and suggested that perhaps I could help her create the curriculum for this class.  Which would be AWESOME.  If that didn't work out, she suggested more specific aspects of topicB and topicC that I would work on.  TopicC is close to her specific area of interest (as is topicA, obviously) so she was excited for me to work on any of those things. 

As this pr0fessor is fairly new, and works in such a small department, I will be the first student to do an independent pr0ject with her.  (That makes me feel a little special, I have to admit.)

I am so so excited about this (and can pretty much tell that she is too.  Though maybe not quite as excited as I am.)  Since I am so excited, and I tend to have bad luck being able to take the classes I want to take, all this excitement will probably end up in a whole lot of disappointment. 

But in case it doesn't, I am really, really excited.


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