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Monday, April 24, 2006

Re: Previous Post

Apparently, we (the whole class) wrote too much in our less0n plans.  And have to change them.  Again.  I'm not bitter.  I am, though, mighty confused.  (And am going to talk to Pr0fessor in just a little while to ask some questions.) 

The problem is, we are up against a deadline.  We are teaching our less0ns to various classes in the upcoming weeks.  And the teachers whose classr0oms we are invading need the lesson plans by... last week.  So that they can look at them and approve them or suggests changes.  (I'm an expert at making changes.)

In more optimistic news, an email sent to me by a pr0fessor contained one little compliment that is strange and strangely reinforcing.  And also kind of makes me feel like I'm five-years-old:

You're a tr0oper!

Complete with exclamation point.  (Seriously, I can't think of any other school where the pr0fessors would know the students well enough to describe them as "tr0opers" or not tr0opers.  So this is one of those I'm-glad-I-go-to-school-here moments.)  So, that's my motivation for the day.  I'm a tr0oper 'cause my pr0fessor says so.

And maybe I am a little bitter, too.


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