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Monday, May 08, 2006

Sand-table fun.

I am still working on the posts from my last two days of teaching.  In the meantime, a preschool conversation:

We were at the sand table, and she had filled a cup with sand.

Girl: Would you like something to drink?
Me: Sure!  (Taking the cup from her,) What is it?
Girl: Wine!
Me: Oh?
Girl: Do you like wine?
Me: (Why is she giving me a cup of sand-wine?! ) Not really.  Do you have any water or juice?
Girl: No, just wine.
Me: (Hopeful,) No water?
Girl: No, the water's broken.  We only have wine.
Me: Do you have any milk?
Girl: Nope, just wine.  Aren't you thirsty?
Me: Not really...


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