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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Camp rules.

We make the standard rules each summer at camp:
1.  Do not share lunches.
2.  Listen when other people are talking.
3.  Only leave the room with a counselor.
4.  Keep your hands to yourself.
5.  Etc.

I have added a few more rules to this list.

Special rule #1:  No breaking your arm on the first day of camp.

Explanation: Last year, on the first day of camp, one of the 5-year-old girls fell off the monkey bars.  She hurt her arm and was crying a lot, so her mom was called and she went home.  The next day she showed up with a huge cast going half way up her upper arm.  She had broken her arm on the first day of camp, but came to every day after that and was always a happy and enthusiastic camper.  (Despite having to put her arm in a plastic bag any time we played with water.)  She finally got the cast off the last week of camp.

This year I am a floater counselor, and on the first day of camp I moved up a grade and was working with many of the same kids I worked with last year.  This girl was in the group.  I made up the rule for her.  No breaking your arm on the first day of camp.  She happily and successfully followed this rule.

Special rule #2:  You must button your pants at camp.

Explanation:  We were playing outside on the playground after lunch.  A 5-year-old boy was running around on the equipment.  The following exchange took place;

Him: My pants keep falling down.
Me:  Then pull them up!
Him: (Pulls them up, I see that his jean shorts are unbuttoned.)
Me:  Are your shorts unbuttoned?
Him: Yes.
Me:  Please button your shorts.
Him: I don't want to.
Me:  Why?
Him: Because this way, it's easier to go to the bathroom.
Me :  Well, at camp we have to keep our pants buttoned.
Him: Why?
Me:  Because it's a rule.  At camp you must button your pants.
Him: (Buttons the pants, doesn't pull up the zipper.  I don't bother dealing with the second part.  At least the pants aren't falling down anymore.)


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