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Friday, May 12, 2006

Reading other blogs.

I've been reading Wockerjabby for about six years now.  It was one of the first blogs I regularly read.  She has always been a few years ahead of me in life.  When I was in high-school, she was in college.  When she graduated college, I graduated high-school.  She participated in some type of alternative certification program and has taught middle-school science in New York for the past few years.  Since she writes about teaching both in her blog and her livejournal, Wockerjabby was technically the first 'edu-bl0g' I ever read, before I discovered that there was such as thing as an 'edu-bl0g'

Her latest post makes me sad.  Sad for the state of the educational systems in practice in some (many?) places.  Sad for the students who have to endure endless testingtestingtesting.  Sad for the teachers who have to compromise their goals and morals and beliefs in what is truly right and important, so that their students can pass the mandated tests.

She writes; "I want to put my hands on their temples so they feel truth like electricity, flowing from my heart to their brains, when I tell them school is for giving you power, not misery!"

If you haven't already, go read her post.


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