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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Recently, at camp...

After singing the song "Hi My Name is Joe" to the campers (you know the song, 'Hi my name is Joe, and I work in a button factory...'.  You end up flailing around pretending to push buttons with nearly any conceivable body part) one of the girls came up to me and in all seriousness asked me a question:  "Is your name really Joe?!"

During lunch a boy picked up his banana and held it like a phone.
Him: Hello?  Hello?!  Is anybody there?!  If anyone else has a phone, pick up!!
Me:  (Picking up my banana as a phone.)  Hello!  How is your lunch?
(After a short conversation, he said he had to go, and ate the banana.)

Do you know what's funnier to the five- and six-year-olds than the word "underwear"?  Absolutely nothing.  Today's most sung song is called "I Wish" and contains the following oft repeated verse:
Oh I wish a was a little acrobat (ACROBAT!)
Oh I wish a was a little acrobat (ACROBAT!)
I would fly through the air,
And loose my underwear
Oh I wish a was a little acrobat (ACROBAT!)

We went on a field trip.  To a bowling alley.  With five- and six-year-olds.  My favorite part was having to call an employee over multiple times because the bowling ball just stopped moving in the middle of the lane.  Sometimes it actually ended up reversing its trajectory and coming back toward us.  The kids had a blast, as did I.


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