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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Untitled due to lack of creativity or motivation.

Lately I've been thinking I'd make a horrible teacher (for various reasons). The following is one example of my heartlessness.

Scene: a 3rd grade boy, Teddy and girl, Madison are bickering at the computer.

Teddy: Ms. GrownUp, Madison keeps telling me the answers and I don't want her to.
Me: Madison, let Teddy figure out the answers on his own.

One minute passes.

Teddy (whining): Ms. GrownUp, Madison is still telling me the answers, she won't stop.
Me: Well, then tell her to stop telling you the answers, you can deal with this on your own.
Teddy: But I did, and she won't stop.
Me: You can work this out on your own.

I walk away.

Three minutes pass.

Teddy: Ms. GrownUp, Madison called me a sissy girly girl.
Me: Just ignore her. It's time to clean up anyway.

Boy walks away.

Two minutes pass.

Students (en masse): Mrs. Teacher, Teddy is crying.

Classroom teacher looks over at Teddy who is in fact crying (
not unlike a sissy girly girl). The students all stop what they're doing and watch. None of them make fun of Teddy for crying (as I just did in my parentheses which shows my true level of maturity).

Classroom teacher takes Teddy and Madison out of the room to talk to them. I laugh silently on the inside at the fact that I thought 3rd graders were above crying, though apparently that was a misconception. I hate myself a little bit for finding this so humorous.

End scene.


Anonymous Everett said...

For the same reason, I also don't want to become a grade school teacher. I do want to be a universtity teacher. Teaching is such a fulfilling and noble job. My only teaching experience is as teacher for college tutorial classes. It was fun students appreciated my efforts.
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11:11 AM  
Blogger Ms. S said...

You're about as unfit as I am. In my last student teaching practicum, I noticed that one of my students left Kit-Kat bars in the lunchbag bin everyday. The thing is, I love Kit-Kat bars and after careful deliberation and watching my students every day, I not only figured out which student it was but decided that rather than telling him that he his mother was giving him those yummy bite-sized treats and they were falling out of his bag on a daily schedule, I began saving them for myself and ate them the second they went off to lunch. I'm guilty, but eh, we'll both get over it.

9:29 PM  
Anonymous neophyte said...

That's nothing, dear. Totally normal reaction, I think. (Backed up on blogs, here, sorry!)

I knew I should never, ever, ever pursue primary education as a career when, one day in a furious mood, confronted with two of my most irritating, disrespectful, disruptive students, who did not want to cooperate when I used any number of pleasanter tactics, I let loose. I intentionally yelled at them until they cried, thus both hurting them and embarrassing them in front of their classmates. And it felt so good. (I also stayed after class and dried their tears and we had a talk about why respect is important blah blah, yes, I did my bit.)

I'm a bad person. I also regret that, in all probability, no one will ever let me do that to my future undergrad students. Hélas...

9:00 AM  

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